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This amazing workbook educates, inspires, and interacts with kids AND parents during their trial period. The result: more new students, fast.

The #1 Cause of trials not
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There’s one thing above all else that kills your chances of converting trials: The outside world.

Students are with you for what... 2 hours per week during their trial?

Meanwhile, there are 166 other hours in the week trying to steer them off course!

That’s where “My First Six Weeks” comes into play.

This amazing little workbook impacts kids & parents OUTSIDE of the studio... so your lessons & influence stay with them.

You become a part of their home life. The amazing values of martial arts become a part of their family.

That’s the real secret to how it works.

But don’t just take my word for it. See what school owners like you had to say firsthand. Scroll down now to read their incredible stories.

To your success,

Chris Gray

Christopher Gray
Creator of “My First Six Weeks”
and Owner of Villari’s Martial Arts

What schools
worldwide are saying

Conversion rate is ALREADY increasing!

Started using these two weeks ago and we are already seeing a difference in the way trials are perceiving our program. Conversion % is already increasing and so is the value we are providing. Thank you Christopher Gray! This is a GREAT product!!

School Owner

The engagement and retention im getting with new students is incredible.

Wow! The my first 6 weeks book is fantastic. The engagement and retention im getting with new students is incredible. This is a high quality product that ads an extra layer of credibility to my school that easily increases my new student conversion rate.

I also appreciate how Christopher Gray worked with my team to get me set up as soon as possible. This unique product definitely sets my school apart from others. Thank you.

School Owner

Went from converting 40% of trials to nearly 80%!

As the President of Red Dragon's 14 locations I am always on the hunt for new innovative ideas to keep us growing. The "My First 6 weeks" books are my new favorite.

We used them as a test in two of our lowest converting schools, in the past 30 days the books helped them go from converting around 40% of trials to nearly 80%. A great product for the Martial arts industry!

School Owner

The new parents are so much more engaged in our Facebook groups. We’re making a better connection.

Christopher Gray has made an amazing product in My First Six Weeks. It looks so professional and customized for our school. Since we have started using it we have been getting tons of positive feedback from the parents.

Our staff love how more engaged the new parents are in our Facebook groups and are making a better connection with them. Just one more way for us step up our service to our customers and get them more engaged in our program.

School Owner

Makes our trials even more fun and valuable.

"My First Six Weeks” is a GREAT addition to our onboarding process!

It’s an excellent tool which not only shows the skills our kids develop through training but also makes the trial even more fun and valuable.

School Owner

Got 9 out of 10 trials to sign up!

My first 6 weeks really helps with my conversions rates when enrolling students. Parents really see the value in martial arts literally step by step.

Parents are grateful that we care and see the progression.

Amazing product. Amazing results. Do it. You won't regret it. As far as numbers, between 10 trials 9 out of those 10 trials signed up, and I also did a 2 week trial for $39. So you don't have to do a 6 week trial. It'll still work. They just have to want to see the value.

School Owner

Got my billing back up along with 10 new students right away!

I started after I lost about $3700 of income which was huge! I was missing something during the trial period - something was just not enough.

So next I started to add the books inside the welcome packets for new students.

As of today that $3700 loss is $700 away from disappearing and I have 10 trials ready to switch over.

School Owner

We're now completely full with a waiting list!

Hey Chris!

Thank you so much for creating My First Six Weeks training journal!! This book has drastically improved enrollment for our kids program.

You have created a problem for us now. Our training floor can only take 33 students per class and all 8 of our kids basic training classes are completely full with a long waiting list.

Parents are calling every week to check the status of their kids on the list. We can no longer promote the kids program because of this “problem!”

School Owner

Conversion rate is now just shy of 90%!!!!

Hello Mr. Gray, I wanted to send you a quick email and say Thank you!

Thank you for your patience with all of my questions and skepticism a few months ago and thank you for creating such a great product. The results have been really awesome!

At the beginning of the year we were averaging around 50% to 60% tops with our kids conversions. The past three months we have grown to 80%, 85% and just shy of 90%… it's ridiculous!

On top of the increase in conversion rates, I really feel like we are more in tune with our trial members. I feel like it has made me better at communicating with people that I may have struggled with in the past. Thanks again!

School Owner

Such a simple, cost-effective way to show parents that martial arts is more than punching and kicking.

These books are fantastic! It’s such a simple and cost effective way to help parents and kids understand that martial arts is more than just punching and kicking.

Thank you for your patience with all of my questions and skepticism a few months ago and thank you for creating such a great product. The results have been really awesome!

It gets the new families involved in the academy in a way that our old “new member packets” never did. It gets them to begin interacting with our Facebook group (which is huge!) and has really generated a ton of interest from our new students friends and relatives as well. Even in the first few weeks we could see that our conversation ratio was up from before we used the booklets.

Between the increased conversion ratio, great activity and visibility on Facebook and the referrals it generates, these booklets easily bring in more money than they cost. Thanks!

School Owner

Presents us as polished and professional.

My First Six Weeks has been such a useful tool in our on boarding process. It definitively helps us present a polished and professional "welcome" to our trial members. They love having a record of their first six weeks-writing and sharing their own accomplishments is like them making their own list of reasons why they should continue to train with us!

Thank you, Chris! We love the huge impact the books have in our new member engagement with such ease of use for our staff.

School Owner

Instant 25% increase in our closing percentage.

We’ve been using Christopher Grey’s ‘My First Six Weeks” for about 6 months now. When we first started using it we found we had no results. Why is that important? We did nothing that Chris had advised us to do at first. It was only when we started listening to Chris and following his system for using the My First Six Weeks that we started to see results.

For our Trial Members that were given the booklet we saw an increase of about 25% in our closing percentage. It’s also given us a spike in our Facebook groups as we now getting more parents posting their results.

These booklets are really well done, they look professional and give our Martial Arts School an edge over other local schools by giving us something to give to parents right from day 1 that shows who we are.

I’d recommend the My First Six Weeks booklet to anyone, but more importantly make sure you follow the system from the beginning!!

School Owner

I haven’t seen a better conversion tool than ‘My First Six Weeks’.

As a conversion tool I haven't seen a better answer than 'My First Six Weeks". Having a hard system 'in hand' to give to parents creates added value to the program. Directly demonstrating the benefits of the Martial Arts through this program will change my business."

School Owner

A Glimpse inside
“my first six weeks”

Customized exclusively for your school. Gain instant author credibility and expert status.

The book is so fun and enticing that people will fill it out.

But even if they don’t - the instant authority status and expert credibilty you gain from handing them a book from your school is priceless.

That alone changes their entire view of you and your program, boosting conversions.

Fun Activities Generate Engagement, Learning & Laughter - Right in Your Facebook Group.

Parents then post the pictures to your closed Facebook groups - generating tons of engagement, excitement, and community.

After having so much fun and feeling like such a part of your family - how could anyone not sign up?

Plus: Parents see that martial arts changes their kids’ behavior - even when they’re not in your school.

They become more disciplined, focused, and happier at home, too.

Kids work towards stripes - getting them more eager and hooked on your program than ever before.

Know what really excites kids and keep them - and their parents - coming back?

The feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT.

When kids feel like they’re conquering challenges… and being rewarded for it… they’re more dedicated to your program than ever before.

And when parents see their kids making program from day 1… they understand that your program is packed with VALUE.

That’s why "My First Six Weeks" comes packed with a reward program centered around stripes.

Kids earn stripes for completing the different challenges.

Don't want to use stripes in your school? No problem. We have great alternative solutions for you.

Hidden Benefit: Gets the “Other” Parent On Board For Martial Arts, Too.

Let’s face it: Often there’s a parent who works a lot and never even sees the inside of your studio.

Worse yet - they’re often the ones who kill conversions. Why? They don’t “get it” -- because they haven’t seen it -- so they won’t buy it.

Not any more. This amazing book gives these parents the chance to learn all about how amazing martial arts is for kids... That’s because the kids will get them involved in filling out every section of the book.

Powerful Stories Teach the Life-Changing Lessons of Martial Arts.

With lessons on things like cleanliness, perseverance, and more - this book shows parents that martial arts is so much more than punches and kicks.

But none of these lessons are boring! They’re fun, exciting stories with custom illustrations that kids love.

The result: A better understanding of martial arts, and as such, better conversations.

Powerful tips educate parents on the REAL values of martial arts.

One of the most powerful parts of “My First Six Weeks” is parents get a “crash course” in what martial arts is all about.

They learn, and experience, the life-changing benefits their kids receive, like:

Cleanliness, discipline, focus, respect, and more.

And they learn how to be better parents, too!

order today. just $12.99 $9.90 per book. or less.


Get ready to grow your kids program. Like never before.

This is like putting a Turbo charger on your closing rate, to an already revolutionary sales approach that converts 90%+ of prospects into students.

Get AMAZING results when you combine MyFirstSixWeeks & SKILLZ.
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- Age Specific Books
- 100% Custom Design

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10 / 20 / 30 books delivered straight to your school’s door - every month.

Don’t think or worry about having books in stock or when to order.

Make “My First Six Weeks” a seamless, automatic part of your school.

Just $9.90 Per Book! $99 Per Month

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Order Books On Demand

Books can be purchased in 10-packs at any time.

Order as many or as few 10-packs as you’d like, when you’d like.

Great for schools with unpredictable flows of trials or for trying out “My First Six Weeks” before subscribing to the monthly plan.

Just $12.99 $10.90 Per Book!

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30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try out “My First Six Weeks” in your school today.

Not happy? Let us know ANY time in the first 30 days for a full refund. No hassles, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

We want to help grow your school and spread the amazing, life changing values of martial arts. That’s why we offer this amazing, unconditional guarantee.

Sounds good? Then choose a plan and let’s get started!

Chris Gray

Chris Gray, Founder